Greg Nichols

Secrets & Wives

The twisted true story where GOODFELLAS left off.


Dope Lake

The true story of what happened when a plane carrying 6000 pounds of pot crashed in Yosemite.

Forged in November

During the largest strike the nation's history, a scrappy team sets out to make history.

Beautician and the Beasts

A popular Hollywood aesthetician is arrested for plotting to murder her rival. But is Dawn DaLuise a criminal or a victim?

Gone in 30 Seconds

Four CHP officers go rogue and orchestrate a high octane undercover bust.

The Long Shot

A female jockey takes on the Sport of Kings. But can she outrun a haunting past?

Dunkin & the Donut King

Ted Ngoy escaped genocide, made a fortune off donuts, and gambled it all away. Can his empire survive?

The Incredible Bionic Man

A blind adventure athlete breaks his neck. They think they can rebuild him.

Models for Christ

You're good looking, sure. But are you Christ hot? Undercover at a Christian talent agency.